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Microscopic mold spores exist naturally almost everywhere, both indoors and out. While mold is an ever-present threat lurking in corners, basements, and behind walls, it remains dormant until exposed to a catalyst that expedites its growth. When water intrudes into your property, whether from a leaky room, cracked foundation, or flood, mold growth can start in as little as 48 hours. If you notice a musty odor, dark patches on walls or ceilings, or dampness in your basement or attic, chances are you have spreading mold. Turn to San Diego Abatement Services for affordable, reliable, and efficient mold remediation services!

, Mold Removal, San Diego Abatement Services
, Mold Removal, San Diego Abatement Services
, Mold Removal, San Diego Abatement Services
, Mold Removal, San Diego Abatement Services

Most common health problems that are caused by mold?

When dealing with mold, it’s important to understand the related health risks. Mold spores can contaminate the air of your home or business, causing allergic reactions or infections. Those with lowered immunity due to illness, chemotherapy, or HIV/AIDS should take precautions or avoid spending time in a building infested with mold.
In order to avoid the dangers of mold, have your property cleaned and repaired by San Diego Abatement Services, your trusted, certified mold remediation specialists.

Allergic Reactions

Asthma Episodes

Irritations of the Eye

Sinus Congestion

Nose and Throat

Other Respiratory Problems

What You Should Know About Your Mold Removal Contractor.

Environmental clean-up should be performed by a company that is licensed with the State of California Contractors State License Board. Companies that perform asbestos removal should have an ASB (asbestos) classification and a DOSH certification number. It is also compulsory that asbestos removal companies register with CAL/OSHA and obtain a registration number that should be offered to all prospective clients.

Further, environmental companies should maintain an adequate level of insurance. All workers who perform environmental clean-up should have proper training in order to assure that asbestos fibers are not scattered throughout the work area during removal. There are very specialized techniques that must be incorporated in order to assure a safe removal process. All workers must be covered by worker’s compensation insurance to assure that no liability is passed on to the property owner (client).

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